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Looking for a dryer vent cleaning company that’s reputable and affordable?

At Vent Cleaning Wilmington we make dryer vent cleaning simple, easy and convenient.

According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 15,500 fires associated with clothes dryers are cause enough for 10 deaths each year - but it doesn’t stop there! Lack of maintenance can lead lint and other debris into your machine which may ignite causing a fire or overheating its motor resulting in damage not only within your home but also financially speaking when insurance companies refuse coverage because they believe this type of incident has been reported before.

Your dryer vent system is the key to a clean, properly drying a load of laundry. The regular cleaning keeps lint and other debris from building up which will cause your clothes to take longer than they should (and potentially create fire hazards).

Blocked dryer vents are not only aesthetically unpleasing, but they can also pose some serious risks to your family. Wild animals such as birds and other pests have been known time after again for nesting in or creating blockages within these systems causing major problems with ventilation inside of homes-not just because it smells unpleasant (although this is true), but due to dangerous chemicals Corporation gas chromatography quantify while exploring two different types: natural carbon monoxide which comes from burning combustible fuels like wood and man-made carbon dioxide, a product of incomplete combustion that is emitted from many household appliances. In addition to the health risks posed by blocked vents, dryer fires are also common due to the accumulation of lint in the exhaust system.

Clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances in your home. They take up a lot space, and they use electricity which you pay for with high energy bills! The problem is that if we don't run our clothes properly then this can result into wasted money or time - not only does it cost more than just boiling water on stovetop but also uses lots fewer resources (water heaters). 

It is important to have your dryer vent inspected by an expert technician every  year. The inspection will identify any cracks or other damage before it gets worse, making sure you're getting proper airflow from the unit while also preserving its lifespan! Our team has specially designed tools that make cleaning difficult vents easy; giving us complete access even when there are obstacles like insulation in-between panels on older homes (we'll get through them!)

Warning signs: when you need dryer vent cleaning:



1. Your clothes are taking longer to dry

If your clothes are taking longer to dry than usual, it could be a sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. A build-up of lint and debris in the vent can block the airflow and make it harder for the dryer to do its job.


2. You notice lint buildup around the dryer

Another sign that it's time for a cleaning is if you start to see lint buildup around the dryer, on your clothing, or in the lint trap. This means that lint is escaping from the dryer and getting caught in other places.


3. There's a burning smell coming from the dryer

If you smell something burning when you're using the dryer, it's a sign that there's a lint fire in the vent. This is a serious problem that can cause damage to your home and even start a house fire.


4. The outside exhaust vent is blowing out lint

If you see lint or debris coming out of the dryer vent when it's supposed to be exhausted outside, that's another sign that the vent is blocked and needs to be cleaned.


5. You have a new dryer

Even if you just got a new dryer, it's a good idea to have the vent cleaned before you start using it. This will help ensure that your new dryer runs efficiently and doesn't overheat.


If you notice any of these signs, it's time to contact a professional dryer vent cleaning service. They will be able to clean the vent and get rid of any lint or debris that's causing problems. This will help improve the efficiency of your dryer and prevent fires from happening.

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